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Only the good die young

I feel a little selfish. I feel robbed, violated, and vulnerable. I lost a friend this past Sunday in a horrible motorcycle accident. He was only 25 years old, but had the soul of an man who has been here for ages, yet the youth of a kid who just graduated high school.

The Best Year Of My Life

A year doesn't seem like a long time, especially on nights like this. Everyone will tell you about how fast the year went. Yet, things in January seem far away in retrospect. So many events had taken place in your life since then, it's hard to believe them when they say how fast time "flew." Then again, it's already New Years Eve right now!

A Year Ago, and Then Some...

Have you ever found yourself behind the wheel after a long night of driving... You almost fall asleep, but suddenly wake up to half of your car on the shoulder of the road, just about to hit the guard rail. You suddenly open your eyes, swerve to the left, gather your senses and start to pray. You can barely breathe, but those little short breaths you take at a now rapid pace are more valuable to you than the car you almost totaled.

My Supplement Coctail

Everyone lately has been wanting to know what I've been taking along with the diet I've been following to help with muscle building and workout energy. I'm just a beginner in the supplement realm, but after talking to people I know personally and trust, I've come up with the following list of supplements that I've started taking.


1) Tribulus:

Almost A Year Ago

Almost a year ago and I'm fine.  Tonight, Toney and I are shooting pool while my favorite songs are blasting away on the stereo set up on the fairly large table against the wall.  Toney's ridiculous radio was a bit much for his bedroom, but it makes for a perfect party stereo in the game room.  And listen to that... game room.  It sounds so wonderful to say out loud.


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